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Optimizare pentru motoarele de cautare

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Top Design offers search engine optimization main Google, Yahoo, MSN.

What is search engine optimization?

The term search engine optimization reffers to the process of designing, creating and refining a website so that it will be displayed on the best possible position when found by a search engine.

Optimizing a website is a particularly important aspect of developing a website because doing so ensures that it does not only registered in the database search engine, but it will be positioned prominently enough that it can be seen by users of engines search.

Why you need optimization?

To have a successful website, and to produce profits, you need as much traffic as possible (as visitors). There are many ways to attract traffic to your site:

  • Registering the site to web directories
  • Develop mutual exchange links with other sites in the same or complementary field of activity
  • Develop interchange of banners
  • Buying banners on other sites
  • Buying links to your site from other sites with high traffic

However, although all the methods mentioned above have an important contribution to the success of a site, numerous studies have shown that search engine optimization is the best method between cost and number of visitors attracted to the site.

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